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The picturesque city of Jackson, Michigan, is home to Ella Sharp Park, which spans across 562 acres and is situated along the Grand River. The park features a variety of topographies that range from being reasonably flat to being severely rolling and hilly. The geology of the area makes it an ideal location for a park that offers a variety of entertaining activities for people of all ages. A difficult golf course, gorgeous flower beds, miles of hiking paths, basketball courts, soccer fields, a golf learning center, softball fields, and many other amenities for athletics and casual enjoyment of the outdoors may be found just outside the park’s limits. Examine a park map in order to become familiar with the layout of Ella Sharp Park and its various points of interest.

History of the Park

Donations from residents of Jackson who had a strong sense of civic responsibility were the primary factor that allowed the city to acquire parks throughout its history. The largest park donation to the City was provided by Ella W. Sharp, who donated her farm to the City in order for it to be created as a park and maintained through a trust fund derived from her estate. This grant is considered to be the city’s most significant park donation. Ella Sharp passed away in November of 1912, and a successor was chosen for her estate in December of that same year. In January of 1913, the gift was accepted by the Jackson Common Council, which then proceeded to create a board of trustees consisting of three members. In 1914, these trustees specified the land borders and commissioned Winiford C. Trout to design the park. In 1915, Mr. Trout used $40,000 from a trust fund that Ella W. Sharp had established for the City of Jackson to begin the process of developing the 530-acre property that was formerly her farm. Mr. Trout, when employed by Fargo Engineering Company, was responsible for the layout of the park roadways, the planning of the picnic and play areas, including the golf course, tennis courts, and ball diamonds, as well as the planning of the gardens. Over the course of more than two decades, he was employed as the park administrator while simultaneously occupying the Sharp family home—now the Ella Sharp Museum—with his wife and daughter. Also, visit The Cascades.

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