Jackson Candy & Fudge Factory

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The best chocolates, delectable fudges, old-fashioned sweets, lip-smacking caramel corn, and frosted cinnamon nuts are just some of the products that Jackson Candy & Fudge Factory sells in Jackson, Michigan. However, what they actually give is memories. We love our job but when we aren’t roofing Jackson Candy and Fudge Factory we like to visit there.

Once you enter Jackson Candy & Fudge Factory and look around in any direction, you will have the distinct impression that you have been transported to an earlier era. As the toy train chugging above you makes its way along the tracks, you may peruse an excellent selection of fudge and a variety of candies that will make your mouth wet.

The Jackson Sweets & Fudge Factory is just what one would hope to find in a nostalgic candy shop from days gone by. Copper sheeting is placed decoratively across the high ceilings. The walls from the 1800s are made of clay brick. The inside is adorned with fans in the style of Havana. This particular cash register is an early model of a National cash register made of brass. A model railway the size of a garden runs around the circumference of the ceiling. In addition to the rows of nostalgic candy, ornamental chocolates, and shelves of specialized presents, the old-fashioned design features a counter that is 12 feet long and is dedicated to the preparation of fudge. The air is filled with the aroma of freshly popped caramel corn, fudge cooked from scratch, and cinnamon nuts that have been caramelized. Visit, enjoy the show with a youngster by your side, and make some lasting memories!
They have been recognized as one of the best fudge shops in Michigan’s Top 10 list! by the website OnlyinYourState.com They are able to accommodate group outings including bus tours, school field trips, and family reunions. Also, visit the Ella Sharp Museum.

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