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Metal roofing is an attractive option regardless of the type of roof you have because they are long-lasting, easy to maintain, and energy-efficient.

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At Reliable Roofers Jackson Mi, we understand that metal roofs are a long-lasting and robust alternative for homeowners and builders. Metal roofs are constructed with ridges, slate, or tiles and are made of materials such as aluminum, copper, steel, tin, and zinc. They can be an excellent long-term investment because they last a long time, are sturdy, and require very little care.

Metal roofs are expected to endure at least 50 years, making them a popular alternative to regular asphalt shingle roofing, which is only expected to last 20 years. Metal roofs, on the other hand, can be more expensive than asphalt shingles, which is why proper installation is critical. You can rely on Reliable Roofers Jackson Mi’s professional contractors to perform your metal roofing project with care and precision.

We have years of expertise working on both residential and commercial roofing in Jackson, MI, and we are eager to assist you with any metal roofing project. Contact our expert immediately for assistance in selecting metal for your house or company and ensuring that your new roof will last for decades.

Types of metal Roofing

Here are the most common types of metal roofing on the market:

    • Aluminum Roofs
    • Copper Roofing
    • Corrugated Metal Roof
    • Metal Tile Roofs
    • Metal Slate Roofs
    • Standing Seam Metal Roofs
    • Steel Roofs
    • Tin Roofing
    • Zinc Metal Roof

aluminum roofing

Aluminum roofing is one of the most durable metal roofing options. Radiant heat is reflected by the reflective pigment in the aluminum, which maintains a cool temperature inside your home. As a result, AC usage is reduced, and energy bills are lower. 

Per square foot, aluminum roofing costs $3.00 to $9.00. Aluminum roofing is made up of tiles and shingles as opposed to metal panels. Installation costs on aluminum shingles range between $15,500 and $28,000. Overall, metal shingles are a better deal than corrugated metal roof panels, despite their higher cost. Unlike corrugated metal roof panels, aluminum shingles typically last for 40 years or more and are highly resistant to leaks and rust.

The roofs of aluminum buildings are also fire resistant and can withstand harsh weather conditions, such as hurricanes. 

copper Roofing

Copper roofs can look incredibly beautiful if you choose them. Roofs like these last for more than 60 years and are the most appropriate choice in warm climates because of their fire resistance. Despite the fact that copper is a good conductor of electricity, it is not drawn to electricity. For this reason, copper is a good fire-resistant material. 

It is however very common for copper to oxidize and turn green after about 20 years. To maintain the natural shine of your copper roof, ask your Jackson MI roofing contractor to give a clear polyurethane coating or a clear lacquer during installation.

Among the best metal roofing types available, copper roofs are priced between $4.00 and $15.00 per square foot. A new copper roof can cost anywhere between $23,000 and $48,000. With proper maintenance, copper roofing can last for 80 years.

corrugated metal Roofing

The shape of corrugated metal sheets resembles a wavy pattern or ripple pattern. Plain metal roofs are strong and have a long lifespan, but a corrugated metal roof offers superior strength-to-weight ratios that withstand harsh weather conditions perfectly.

Metal roofs made of corrugated steel panels are the least expensive, costing about $1.20 per square foot, similar to the cost of asphalt shingles. Corrugated steel roof installation costs range from $10,500 to $19,500 on average. Depending on your needs, steel-corrugated aluminum roofs, steel roofs, or copper roofs are available.

Since corrugated steel roofing panels are thin and lightweight, they can be installed over existing roofs. In this way, it is not necessary to remove old roofs. Quality usually reflects the price, as these metal panels are vulnerable to leaks and rust.

metal slate Roofing

A metal slate roof, also known as a stone-coated metal roof, is quite different from a natural slate roof. Natural slate roofs are made of real stone and are extremely heavy. You must first determine whether your home is structurally capable of supporting the weight. 

By combining the benefits of metal roofing with the appearance of more traditional clay or slate shingles, stone-coated metal roofs provide aesthetic diversity. A stone-coated metal roof is lightweight, durable, and provides a long-lasting roofing option.

Costs for stone-coated steel roofing can range from $5 to $12 per square foot. On average, a 2,400 square foot home would cost upwards of $21,000 to install.

Standing seam metal Roof

The longevity of standing seam metal roofs is far superior to non-metal roofs and they last up to three times longer than non-metal roofs. Because roofing installers and metal materials are readily available throughout the United States, it is the most popular metal roof type. Interlocking seams are used to connect the vertical panels of this design.

Metal roofs with standing seams cost about $4.00 to $6.50 per square foot. Installation of a standing seam metal roof on a typical home may cost between $23,000 and $30,000. The types of metal roofs include painted aluminum, galvalume steel, galvanized steel, and copper or zinc. Despite harsh weather conditions like heavy snow, hail, and fire, they perform exceptionally well.

steel Roofing

Roofs made of steel are more resilient to cracks, shrinkage, and erosion. In addition, steel roofs have an expected lifespan of 15-30 years. Steel roofs are also recyclable and energy-efficient, which makes them very popular. Steel roofing costs range from $3.00 to $9.00 per square foot. An average home would cost between $15,000 and $25,000 to install steel shingle roofing.

Despite the higher initial material and installation cost, metal roofing can earn you a discount on your insurance premiums because it is superior to asphalt roofing.

tin roofing

Roofs with tin are actually rolled steel with a coating of tin. A coating process involves heating steel and saturating it with tin before it is chemically bonded to steel. As a result of heat, the molecules of steel and tin vibrate, interlock, and bond together, making your tin roof durable and resistant to cracking.

Despite its long lifespan, tin is an eco-friendly material made from 30 to 60% recycled materials. The cost of tin roofing varies from $3.25 to $14.65 per square foot. According to the slope, pitch, and size of your roof, the average cost of installing tin roofing ranges from $9,000 to $45,000.

zinc metal roofing

Zinc metal roofs have been in existence for more than 150 years. Because zinc is easily folded, this metal is famous for creating unique roofs. Since their foldable nature does not alter their strength or durability, they are crack-resistant, erosion-resistant, and can withstand harsh climate conditions as well. 

Zinc roofing costs by the square foot range from $5.65 to $11. A typical tin roof installation can cost anywhere from $8,475 to $16,500.

Besides being eco-friendly, recyclable, and maintaining a low level of toxicity. Zinc’s low melting point reduces its energy requirement, as well. It has a lifespan of up to a century if installed properly.

Metal Roofing vs Asphalt Shingles

Among the most popular roofing materials for residential buildings are metal roofing and shingles. Metal roofing, however, offers a number of advantages compared to shingles. How do metal roofs compare with asphalt shingles?

Compared to shingles, metal roofing offers significant advantages in terms of longevity, durability, environmental impact, and aesthetics. The only significant advantage of shingles over metal roofing is cost.

Among the residential roofing options available today, roofing with asphalt shingles may be the least expensive. In the long run, metal roofing is more economical, nonetheless, due to increased roof repair costs, frequent replacements, and higher utility costs.

life expectancy

Longevity is perhaps the most important benefit metal roofing provides homeowners. In terms of longevity, metal roofing is unbeatable.

The average lifespan of asphalt shingles is 15 to 20 years. The average lifespan of metal roofing is over 50 years. For many homeowners, the first metal roof they install on their home is the last roof they install. This is not the case with asphalt shingles.

It is well known that asphalt shingles need regular maintenance, especially on homes exposed to extreme weather conditions like heavy snow, hail, and high winds. Replacement of shingles, as well as caulking and sealing, are common on residential asphalt roofs.

Alternatively, metal roofing has the advantage of being naturally resistant to hail and is one of the preferred options for areas with high winds. Several styles of metal roofs are considered Class 4 rated roofs, meaning they can withstand higher wind speeds and impact damage from the hail than any other roofing products with the exception of the most expensive shingles.

energy effieciency

Metal roofing is much more energy-efficient than asphalt shingles. With the use of cool roof pigments and above sheathing ventilation, metal roofing offers significant energy savings to homeowners.

In order to reduce the amount of energy absorbed by a roof, cool roof pigments reflect sunlight. Furthermore, the thermal emittance of most metal roofs is high, which is a measure of how well the panels dissipate heat after being absorbed.

Because of these two features, metal roofs absorb less sunlight. Therefore, there is less heat entering the roof system, thus less heat entering the attic space and the rest of the home. These features of metal roofing materials lower the utility bill significantly. A cool metal roof can reduce home cooling energy costs by 20%, according to studies.

In contrast, asphalt shingles absorb heat and trap it inside the home, resulting in higher energy bills.

Impact on the environment

The raw materials that make up asphalt roofing shingles are crude oil and chemicals. They are not often recycled, and they can decompose in landfills for hundreds of years. In an effort to save space for more desirable items, landfills charge an additional fee to accept shingles, due to the frequency of replacements and the time it takes for them to decay.  

You can even install metal roofs over existing shingles. The process is called metal roof recovery. Not only does a metal roof recovery lengthen the lifespan of your roof, but it also eliminates the expense and hassle of removing the old roof. Metal roof recovery projects keep the old shingles out of landfills by recycling them. A second benefit is that homeowners save money because the shingles do not have to be torn off the roof.

Homeowners are becoming increasingly aware of how their roofs impact the environment, and that’s wonderful. Since metal roofing is made from recycled materials and is 100% recyclable, it is an excellent choice for the environment!
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