The Cascades

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The Cascades are a series of waterfalls that have been created artificially and are located in Sparks Foundation County Park in Jackson, Michigan. From Memorial Day to Labor Day, a series of concerts and other special events are held at this location, which also has illuminated and synchronized waterfall displays. There are fireworks displays held at Cascade Falls for the holidays of Memorial Day, Independence Day, and Labor Day each year. Since its establishment in 1932, The Cascades have provided aesthetic pleasure to an untold number of individuals.

The waterfalls feature a total of 16 waterfalls, 11 of which are illuminated, in addition to six fountains, three reflecting pools measuring 30 feet (9.1 m) by 90 feet (27 m) each. The 1,230 incandescent lamps that were previously installed in the falls were switched out for 90 LED rope lights in the spring of 2013. There is a variety of music playing in conjunction with these lights. It is 500 feet (150 m) long, 64 feet (20 m) broad and 60 feet (18 m) deep. Visitors can climb the top of the falls using one of 126 staircases that run along each of the falls’ sides. Along this path, the three reflecting ponds can be seen. The falls are maintained with the assistance of a water pump that has a capacity of 2,000 gallons (US) per minute and is capable of chlorinating, filtering, and recycling the water.

Jackson County’s Parks and Recreation Department is in charge of maintaining Cascade Falls. During the time between Memorial Day and Labor Day, they are open every night from 8:30 p.m. until 11:00 p.m.

1932 was the year that construction began on the Cascade Falls. They came into being as a direct consequence of William Sparks’ aspiration to make life better for the residents of Jackson, Tennessee, and to create an attraction that would leave tourists with a favorable picture of the city.

The acreage that was a swamp and bog directly to the west of the Sparks home. Initially, Mr. Sparks intended to purchase the land in order to turn it into a skating pond for the neighborhood. His idea expanded, and soon it included plans for the building of a park that would contain the Cascades, a golf course, lagoons, a canal, toboggan slides, groomed gardens, picnic places, and a clubhouse. All of these features would be located within the park. In the autumn of 1929, the William and Matilda Sparks Foundation was established with the intention of turning the area into a place of pleasure and a center for meditation.

Sparks drew his idea for the Cascade Falls from the Magic Fountain of Montjuic, which is located in Barcelona, Spain. On October 17, 1931, the North-Moller Construction Company was given a contract following the completion of a series of experiments involving a scale model. The contract said that the work had to be finished by April 26, 1932, that Jackson residents should be used as laborers, and that preference be given to married males. The construction work went on schedule throughout the winter, and on May 9, 1932, which was also Captain Spark’s 59th birthday, the falls were opened to a gathering of 25,000 people.

Within a short period of time, the Cascade Falls gained notoriety all around the world. At this time, the visitor logbooks contain entries from all 50 states as well as 33 different countries. Also, visit Jackson Candy & Fudge Factory.

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